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Termite Management (Pre-Construction Anti- Termite Treatment)
1. Termite Management

We are offering our clients Termite Management for controlling termites from infesting premises in a systematic manner, our team of expert professionals utilizes all latest technology and quality pesticides.

Stages of Pre construction Anti-termite Treatment:

  • Stage-1:
    In this stage, the treatment for column is evacuated upto 30 cm of height of both bottom surface and sides. In addition to this, wall and basement are treated with chemical pesticides @ 5 liter per square meter.
  • Stage-2:
    Chemical pesticide are applied at backfill earth for a width of 30 cm and depth of 45 cm on each side of the walls with the foundation @ 7.5 liter per linear meter.
  • Stage-3:
    Before laying the floor, entire leveled surface is treated with chemical pesticide. And in this process the chemical pesticides are applied @ 5 liter per square meter. Furthermore, for the necessary holes of 5 cm deep, 30 cm apart are made for better penetration.
  • Stage-4:
    External part of the building is drilled by 12 mm holes at a distance of 30 cm interval din a concrete foundation. In this chemical pesticide upto 0.5 liter or till refusal are applied in each hole and in the case of loose soil along external wall, these pesticides are poured on trenches on the depth upto 50 cm @ 1.75 liter per running meter.

Warranty : 5 yrs. Any re-infestation noticed would be treated without any extra cost.

Chemical Formulation
Imidacloprid 30.5 % EC
Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC
Bifenthrin 2.4 % EC