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Termite Management (Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment)

1) External & Internal Perimeter:

  • Chemical pesticides are injected by drilling 12 mm holes at the junction of wall and floor in external, internal perimeter and construction joints of the building at a distance of 30 cm at about 45 degree angle in case of masonry foundation
  • Chemical emulsion of upto 0.5 liter or till refusal would be applied in each hole
  • Holes would be sealed with chalk and POP to preserve the aesthetic look
  • In case of loose soil along external wall trenches upto depth of 50 cm are made and chemical pesticides are poured @ 1.75 liter per running meter

2) Wood Work:

  • Chemical pesticides would be injected in holes drilled at downward angle of 45 degree at the junction of wood work and concrete
  • Wood works like door, window frame, wardrobe, wooden paneling on staircase and wall false ceiling are treated
  • Chemical pesticides upto 0.5 liter or till refusal are applied in each hole

3) Other Areas:

  • Chemical pesticides would be applied around electric pipes, telephone cables, utility pipes entering the building that are potential source of entry points to the building

Warranty: We provide Annual Maintenance Contract for Post construction treatment, whereby an initial treatment and inspection service at every quarter shall be carried out.

Chemical Formulation
Imidacloprid 30.5 % EC
Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC
Bifenthrin 2.4 % EC