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Mosquito Management
Our clients can avail from us, an effective pesticide services for Mosquito Management along with an integrated approach of sanitation, mechanical and chemical method. In other words, this is combination of all methods like chemical, mechanical and sanitation. Further, our treatment is widely appreciated by the clients due to its durability, reliability, cost-effectiveness and timely execution.
  • Chemical Method:
  • Larvicidal Treatment is executed at breeding sites such as standing water or any temporary source of water. On the other hand, the adulticidal treatment is executed for the effective treatment on walls, floors and resting places as well as fogging/ misting treatment at space.
  • Mechanical Method:
  • During this method, it is advised to the clients to install insect light traps at heavily infested sites, near entry points to the premises. Further, the electronic devices are like mosquito repellent that can be installed at areas whereby other treatments cannot be carried out.
  • Sanitation:
  • It is advised to our esteemed clients to keep premises clean from stagnating water in drains or any temporary storage of water to avoid breeding of mosquitoes.

Pesticides to be used:

Chemical Formulation
Deltamethrin (Fogging Treatment) 1.25 % ULV
Deltamethrin (Surface treatment) 2.5% SC
Primiphos-methyl (Larvicidal Treatment) 50 % EC