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Fly Management
Objective: To manage houseflies with an integrated approach of proofing measures, mechanical and chemical method in a facility.

Chemical method: Chemical emulsions are sprayed at breeding and harborage sites like drains, garbage, waste-bins, water stagnating areas and entry points into the facility. The treatment will be based on preventive control. No pesticide, space sprays, residual sprays will be used inside the production / packing / storage areas. Chemical baits should be placed at flies resting sites which attract and kill flies.

Mechanical method: Recommend customers to install insect light traps at heavily infested sites, near entry points to the premises. Electronic fly swatters should be used at daily operated sites. Fly catchers like ribbons, glue boards should b~ used to trap flies and replaced weekly.

Proofing measures: Recommend customers to install physical barriers like plastic strips, aircurtains, window screens and rubber beading at entry points to prevent entry of flies.

Pesticides to be used:

  • Pyrethrum
  • Cyphenothrin
  • Deltamethrin
  • Propoxur Bait