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Cockroach Management
We have gained an expertise in providing our clients with admirable Cockroach Management Services for integrated management of Cockroaches & Black Red Ants by sanitation, proofing measures and chemical methods. The exact combination of gel bait & liquid pesticide is used in this technique for proper and effective treatment of affected area. In this process, the gel baits are applied in the form of dots at dry areas, such as cracks crevices, stores, cup boards, gaps, electric switches, lockers and electric appliances like- refrigerator, coffee machine and racks. Moreover, the liquid pesticides are sprayed at wet areas like drains, manholes, toilets and washing rooms.

Salient features of our treatment are as follows:

  • Safe and Customer friendly
  • The chemicals that are used in the treatment are odorless
  • During and after the treatment, no need to leave the premises
  • No need to empty drawers or to cover up sensitive equipment
  • Can be carried out during working hours without any disturbance

Pesticides to be used:

Chemical Formulation
Fipronil Gel 0.005%
Imidacloprid Gel 2.15%
Alphacypermethrin 10% SC
Deltamethrin 2.8% EC